Book A Minute

This is our "avatar," which will appear whenever we make a comment.  I was tempted to use Edvard Munch's "The Scream," which is how we feel when we pay $25 for a book (less at Costco and and discover it's terrible, and we can't even pass it along in good conscience!  Cathy

Our blogging friend at, a blog about the Victorian era, told us about a website that summarizes a long list of classics in just a minute each!  Go to  Okay, so you’ll miss a few details and all of the romantic or dramatic touches.  But think of how much time you’ll save! Cathy



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3 responses to “Book A Minute

  1. jjodhka

    I have been looking for this painting – of the young girl with the book for quite a while. Might someone be able to tell me who is the artist?


    • James Harford

      We are looking for this print also. We think the artist is William bouserau but not sure of the spelling. The title of the print is “The Story Book”

      Hope that is some help

    • Maria

      William-Adolphe Bouguereau (France, 1825 – 1905) – The Story Book, 1877

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