Fisticuffs over Edgar Allan Poe’s Body

Edward Pettit, an Edgar Allan Poe Scholar, argues that Poe’s body belongs in Philadelphia where he wrote many of his works not in Baltimore, where he’s buried because he happened to die there — under strange circumstances.  On January 13, Pettit is going to square off against Jeff Jerome, the curator of the Poe House in Baltimore.  January 19, 2009, marks the 200th anniversary of Poe’s birth.

Jerome says he’ll argue with grace and facts and then walk over to Pettit like a gentleman and punch him square in the face.

For more about the story go to my blog at this link Philadelphia and Baltimore Fight Over Edgar Allan Poe’s Body.  There’s also a link on my blog to a story about it in the New York Times.  I’m too lazy to re-write it all here.  Cathy


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  1. Jane

    The Times article has a photo of the curator of the Poe house in Baltimore looking like himself. If you visit the Poe house at the right time, he is dressed and made up to look like Poe. I visited the Poe house with two other teachers when we attended the NCTE convention in Baltimore about 5 years ago. In order to get to it, you have to walk through a public housing project so the neighborhood doesn’t look very good. However, the people who lived there were very friendly and kept calling out to us, asking if we were looking for the Poe house (guess we didn’t look like regular neighborhood denizens) and then point us in the right direction. One woman leaned out of her upper story window to holler down to us, “It’s just around the corner.” After we had visited the house and were headed back to the hotel, they called out to us and asked us how we liked the house and if the man who looked like Poe had been there (He was.). It’s a small house so it doesn’t take long to see it all, but I recommend it if you are ever in Baltimore. It isn’t far from the grave sites for Poe and his wife.

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